Refined Products

Refined Products Wholesalers struggle with high touch business processes, dynamic prices, and competitive online business.


C-Store Operators face variable demand patterns, complex supply arrangements, route planning and logistics challenges.


NGL Wholesalers often battle with high-touch order management processes, enabling customer self-service, and high administrative costs.


The Gravitate Customer Portal empowers your customers to access their transaction data at any time from anywhere in the world - both desktop or mobile app.

The leading customer portal for refined products & NGLs

After a contract is executed, how do you communicate BOLs, invoices, contract volumes and prices? With Gravitate, share transaction data from your ETRM system (Rightangle, SAP, Allegro) directly to your customers. Gravitate drives transactional efficiency by making it easy for customers to access their data and ultimately saving you time and money.

Gravitate has enabled us to interact with our customers on a whole new level. They can access their transaction data 24/7 and we save precious time in the process. It's a true win-win situation.

NGL Marketing Manager
Self-service access

Provide your customers with quick access to lifting information, contract performance and invoice details.

Automated dispute resolution

Should there be an invoice dispute, Gravitate provides an automated dispute resolution workflow, notifying customers and marketers of their required actions.

Keep customers engaged

Gravitate’s built-in notification system delivers personalized emails and text messages to alert customers of price changes, lifting requirements and weekly summaries.

Quick to implement

Built-in integration to most ETRM systems enables rapid deployment and low-drag implementation.

Reduce overhead

Enabling your customers to access their own data reduces administrative overhead and frees up marketer time to secure more sales.


Connect with your customers online

Streamlined Communication

Give customers access to their data and strengthen customer loyalty

Enable customer self-service

Enable your customers to access their data when they want it

Eliminate time-consuming emails, texts and phone calls

Customer Self-Service

Let your customers login to Gravitate when they want a contract update, missed an invoice or need a BOL. Save time and eliminate low-value emails, calls and texts.

Automate Processes

Whether it is anything from disputing invoices to surfacing PDF documents for downloading and printing, the Customer Portal can be a powerful tool through automating processes.

Dashboards keep marketers in the driver's seat

Role-Specific Dashboards

A customer-centric dashboard keeps marketers informed about their customers and the market.

Completely Customizable

Configure the dashboard for each type of customer your business supports, so they have what matters most to them at the tip of their fingers.


Streamlined Order Management

While your customers are checking contracts or catching up on invoices, Gravitate enables them to order NGLs or refined products online.

Schedule outbound railcars

Avoid time-consuming back and forth conversations with producers and marketers and enable them to schedule trucks and railcars through the portal.

Lower Administrative Costs

Reduce admin costs and free up marketer time by eliminating time-consuming emails, phone calls and text messages.

Build your brand

Corporate branding and mass-marketing tools enables you to improve your customer experience and brand-awareness.

Customer 360

Provide your marketers with a 360-degree view of their customers and enable a more tailored approach to selling.

Process Automation

Drive more internal efficiency with Gravitate’s automated dispute resolution process.

Customized Dashboards

Deliver web-based dashboards and interactive charts with tailored information for each contact that your business interacts with.

Keep in Touch

Stay in touch with your clients by using Gravitate’s built-in notification system designed to deliver personalized emails and text messages to alert clients of price changes, contract lifting requirements and weekly summaries.


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